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Our Roman Blind Systems are timeless regulators of both light and privacy. With their lavish, draped folds, they are ideal for more ornate, hertiage interiors but can also be used to create a feature within a simpler setting. Depending on your aesthetic aspirations, the size and placement of the blind will determine which system is right for you.

Tasteful and easy to operate, our Roman Blinds are also an effective and cost efficient alternative in providing insulation against varying temperatures, as well as sound, and include a fabric covered headrail, producing a clean, stylish finish. Our high-tech bonding process creates a crisp cean heam.

You will find no pin holes or unsightly puckering that you get with conventional Roman Blinds that are stitched. Additionally, each blind is individually designed to ensure that every folding segment is symmetrical and evenly sized.

Not only do Roman blinds offer you great control of your privacy, they can equally privide flexable light control. A Sheer Roman Blind can provide glare reduction and protection from the harmful UV, whilest a total blockout fabric can provide complete darkness.
The Roman blind can be cord, chain or motorised by remote control.

Our fabric ranges incorporate the latest in textile designs and technology.