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Vertilux Venetian Blinds offer an innovation blend of classic style and state of the art engineering, ushering in a new  era for this time-honoured traditional  window coverings.


Offering subtle design flow of cool, clean lines, they effortlessly position and  regulate light, glare and UV penetration. By adjusting the blade angles, you can achieve high levels of privacy, yet still  allowing natural light to filter through. You  can also draw the blinds all the way up  for an uninterrupted view. These options make the Venetian a highly versatile blind for controlling light and privacy.  


Available in a wide range of durable materials, fashionable colours and styles to choose from you’re sure to find a look to compliment any decor. Aluminium Venetian blinds provide a sleek, modern, stylish and affordable solution to your  window where as Timber venetians add  richness and charm to the internal environment and living areas. Lastly, Venetian Systems lend themselves perfectly to motorisation for a touch of luxury and hard-to-reach applications. Our motorised systems can be operated via remote control or programmed for automatic operation at desired times.